Sabores Antiguos

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This East Harlem hole-in-the-wall may serve the city’s best al pastor tacos, sliced to order from a rotating spit crowned with a hunk of grilled pineapple. The tortilla-to-meat ratio is perfectly balanced.

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A lovely place with great Mexican food, which is absolutely delicious. Prices is affordable and service is second to none. Must visit for anyone who loves Mexican food.
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Brave bugged-out snacks like the tlayuda con chapulines ($14). Crispy, chili-spiced grasshoppers smother a toasted tortilla, punctuated with cooling dollops of queso de rancho and avocado cream. And insects don’t stop at the plate: the salt rim of the sweet-corn-and-tequila Yum Kaax ($12) hints at chipotle, but ask the bartender, and you’ll learn that smoky bite actually comes from grated ants and Maguey worms. Those averse to Timon and Pumbaa–style feasting can opt for pest-free plates like punchy papaya ceviche de jurel ($13) with yellowtail tuna, blanched sea beans and minced serrano peppers, or hearty enchiladas de conejo ($24), which blankets tender braised rabbit in a velvety, tomato-chile sauce and lime-splashed figs.

Good for

A boldfaced date. Along with the daredevil bites and mescal-heavy quaffs like La Santa Hormiga (fresh cucumber, minty hoja santa leaves), the dark, moody den is a fun house of Aztec-patterned booths, black-and-white desert landscapes, bolero ballads and a rainbow-kissed Dalí-esque ant mural. If the buggy botanas don’t seal the deal for you, the caliente digs should nab you some bedroom brownie points.

The clincher

A soon-to-be-unveiled garden is home to large Terracota pots of Mexican herbs and cacti, ideal for both scenery and a fresh supply of bar garnishes. Iron tables and chairs in the ceramic-tiled patio will offer 40 extra alfresco seats on warm-weather days, so that sun-soaked southern border won’t feel a ways away.

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  • Nathan Frederick
    5 5 üzerinden

    El fantastico!

    Only discovered this place near the end our visit to NY and has a great dinner here. Place was packed so waited at the bar for a table while having frozen margaritas. Great atmosphere, vibey and friendly service. Fantastic food, great mexican flavours with all the best Mexico has to offer. Quesadillas and nachos were great! Definitely recommended!! Clear from the tone and sound inside that everyone who visits El Centro love it!

    Okumaya devam et

    Ekim 27, 2017

  • Joanna Wilson
    3 5 üzerinden

    Nice Hispanic food with good pricing

    Lovely reasonable place to dine and not take a large hit in the pocket. Relaxed casual atmosphere with good food and service. Shrimp dishes are fine as is their guacamole.

    Ekim 27, 2017

  • Jason Lee
    5 5 üzerinden

    The best place to eat

    What a nice surprise to find this mexican restaurant 2 blocks from the crazyness of New York City. Great place, great food, very tasty. Tacos are all excellent and look so good. Mexican burrito was really good as well. Strongly recommended. Thought, a bit too spicy for the children.

    Ekim 27, 2017

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Ara & Eğlen

İşiniz, eğlenceniz veya kişisel ihtiyaçlarınız için ihtiyacınız olan her şeyi istediğiniz zaman arayın. En Türkiye, kolay ve hızlı bir şekilde bulmanıza yardımcı olur.

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