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Mexican eateries are ubiquitous in Corona, but unlike most, this sunny family-run tortilleria painstakingly grinds corn into fresh masa for many of its dishes.

The congenial, busy owners of this Mexican joint make their own fresh masa (corn dough) from grain soaked and ground on-site. This means tacos of spicy skate that’s been tucked into ethereal corn blankets for you, and for the kids—if the timing is right (try late morning or early afternoon)—the spectacle of a bright green machine spewing out tortillas. Once the show’s over, grab a table and share a mound of guac and chips, delicate mole-bathed chicken enchiladas or fluffy, well-spiced tamales.

What people enjoy

You won’t need Spanish skills to gobble down $2.50 carnitas (pork seasoned with garlic, thyme and oregano) and garlicky, lime-marinated beef tacos at this tiny, fast-paced Mexican bodega. The two-layer tacos are easy for little ones to handle, as are the sopes (thick cornmeal tortillas) topped with cheese, beans and whatever meat you fancy. Work your way to the back of the store to find a handful of stools to eat at or, if weather permits, enjoy your feast at the Hell’s Kitchen Playground right across the street.

Our’s favourite

Gray-pocked guacamole, less-than-sizzling fajitas, watery frozen margaritas—for decades, that was the sad state of South of the Border eats in New York. But this low-lit, monochrome East Village cantina, from Ofrenda amigos Jorge Guzman and Mario Hernandez, busts out of the tortilla-wrapped norm, spotlighting tribal delicacies like grasshoppers, worms and, yes, the namesake ant. Hailing from the Dominican Republic and Cuernavaca, Mexico, respectively, the pair sources those creepy crawlers and the modern Mayan decor straight from their home states—there’s not a dollar-store sombrero in sight.

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  • Nathan Frederick
    4 5 üzerinden

    Fun, loud and tasty - the right mexican restaurant!

    Ate here with 9 friends and had some really good Tex Mex. Just know this place gets really loud so if you have large group it might be hard to hear everyone and they will not seat you until your entire party is present. High on the list are the \'Jet Fuel Margaritas\'.... Drink more than two of these frozen concoctions and you\'ll be doing the hat dance..... Skirt steak fajitas with pickled peppers was a unique touch and really good.

    Okumaya devam et

    Ekim 27, 2017

  • Joanna Wilson
    5 5 üzerinden

    Mexican surprise delight!

    We did an early dinner at Amigos after catching a play. We couldn\'t get into a restaurant recommended to us, so turned to Trip Advisor and found Amigos . Although we didn\'t have reservations, they fit us in. The atmosphere was terrific. The outside seating just flows into the inside and provided a very nice mix of fresh air and outside activity with the comfort of being inside. Thank you Amigos and Trip Advisor for the best dinner we had in our three days in NYC.

    Okumaya devam et

    Ekim 27, 2017

  • Jason Lee
    3 5 üzerinden

    I expected more...

    The guacamole is not based on a standard recipe, why make is more difficult? I was informed of a short menu with a few items but was after the order told they have other entrees too, not so good communication.

    Ekim 27, 2017

  • Eddie Andrew
    4 5 üzerinden

    Lovely mexican food

    We stumbled on this place, while searching for a vegan eatery in NY. When we first arrived, there were people standing in front of the door. I asked if it was the line to be seated, it was the line to place your order. No table service. It was crowded, and we were confused as to what was going on. We almost went somewhere else, but the crowd thinned out, so we stayed. I placed our order at the counter. I had the Black bean & Quinoa Bowl. My daughter had a vegan dish with the chef recommendations. (I don\'t remember the name). Food was delicious! Worth the wait. I\'m glad we stayed!

    Okumaya devam et

    Ekim 27, 2017

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